Spotlight Thursday...Indie Supporters!

Here's my definition of an Indie author/artist/musician/designer/etc.: A person who is so deeply passionate and intimately in tune with their God-given gift that they are driven to share it with the world--not for money or fame-but for the purpose of connecting with others through his or her creations.  If money and fame are a result, then it's just an added blessing! 

To everyone who supports Indies, you are part of making our dreams a reality!  Your emails, feedback, reviews, purchases and activity on social media are part of the grand conversation about Indies' positive impact on society. Keep it coming! 

As a thank you to everyone who purchased the first edition of After the Sixth Day: Notes from a Spiritual Journey, I’d like to give you an e-copy of the newly designed edition! Just take a pic of yourself with my book between today and Sunday, 6/23/2013. Use the hashtag #TrinkaPolite and post it on Facebook and/or Twitter. You can also email your pic to me at Then, your gift is on the way!  

First Edition
New Design courtesy of
Greater Level Graphics, LLC


By the way, here are links for a (very) brief intro to the Indie world:

Smashwords~ "the world's largest distributor of indie ebooks"
World Literary Cafe~ "Where readers & authors unite!"
Wikipedia's take on Indie
One of my new fave topics to explore: indie fashion
Indie Music ~ just a side note here: the indie world gave us Adele! 

~ Do you support Indies? Have a favorite Indie artist, musician or fashion designer? Please share.  

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