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Danielle Benji is a dynamic author with the mission to "teach children about all types of career fields other than what is mentioned  to them on a daily basis for example becoming  a doctor, teacher, et cetera ..." Her children's books address topics such as bullying, autism and Asperger's syndrome.  Enjoy her post and visit her website to learn more about Ms. Benji. 


My Definition of Happiness

My definition of happiness is many things, but the most important for me personally is my love for myself. I think after learning to love yourself and all the flaws that follow only then you would find out what it means to be happy. Once I have grasped that concept I believe that everything you want in your life will come at the right time. I’m now 23 years old , and I would have to say I started to love who I am when I started writing. See writing for me is more than just a way to making money. It’s a passion I’ve  had since I was about seven years old. When I write, it brings out my inner child--something that I thought I had to hide once I became an adult. 

It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I decided to share my writing talent with the world through writing for children. My happiness comes from making a kid smile when they read my books. I write my books very realistically, so while you are reading to your child or yourself, you can picture yourself as one of the characters in the story.  My happiness also comes from personal achievements just knowing that I’m doing something that could possibly better me and my daughter’s future makes me happy. 

 I didn’t have the self-confidence I have now at one point in my life, and this lack of self-confidence is what blocked me from truly being happy and loving myself. I overcame this over time, and here is how I did it. I started to accept myself as I am, and say to myself I am exactly where I need to be in my life journey. I’m doing exactly what I need to do to carry out my personal purpose. Once I did this, my confidence in myself sky rocketed, and I hope I can help my young readers realize their purpose and strive for the stars in the sky.

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Danielle's Bio
Danielle Benji grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, and still lives there today with her daughter. Although she suffers from a mild case of cerebral palsy...Read more

Danielle's second release  is "dedicated to those on the autism spectrum, and others who also suffer from other developmental disabilities like herself."

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