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Hap-pi-ness means…

1. the quality or state of being happy
2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy (taken from

The synonyms for happiness are: pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction, bliss, contentment, felicity ~ imply an active or passive state of pleasure or pleasurable satisfaction.

In the several days I've been pondering this topic a lot of pleasurable things occurred.

*A new source of income emerged
*Several book reviews of my works were posted to major venues
*Quite a few more "Yeses" for my book party in two weeks
* A lovely surprise outing for Mother's Day
*  HOT YOGA!!!

All of these things brought varying degrees of happiness with them.  However, in looking deeper into the topic I realized that any of these things could have gone the other way.  What would have happened to my happiness then?  Would it have flown out the window?  Would I have cried?  The real key is to have happiness no matter what's happening around you.  Easier said than done, right?  Wrong.

How does one maintain a sense of happiness all the time?  Simple.  You decide to be happy all the time.  Intention is 9/10th of the battle.  If you awake each day intending to be happy then you tend to draw positive experiences to yourself.  And drawing positive things to yourself becomes easy once you identify what you love, or what you have a passion for -- then do that (or those!) things!

I figured this out just recently.  I am many decades into my life and seemed not to be able to find happiness anywhere I looked.  There was a big empty hole inside that was never filled by anything I did or tried.  So, after I was sick and tired of being sick and tired I just said, What the hay! and began doing the thing that I loved the most -- writing.

I have 4 novel length manuscripts in various stages of completion and many many short stories.  So many stories that I lost several over the years!  Why wasn't I writing?  Who knows?  I didn't feel I deserved.  The job had me working too many hours.  The children needed me.  Mercury wasn't lined up with Mars…pick one!  When we want excuses we have no shortage of them to pick from.  They even sound nobelese!

However, that little voice.  That really small quiet voice which is your true self, your id, your ori, or whatever you want to call it speaks to you and whisphers the thing(s) you should be doing to make you HAPPY.  Yes, in all caps.

Now that I have published Leaping Out On Faith ( and Opening Up ( I am tremendously happy!

For years, I had been giving away my power and my voice to those who 'would decide' if I could write, or not.  They would tell me when I arrived (whatever that used to mean to me!).  Now I see that I have to arrive in my own mind, in my own positive beliefs.  Once I took ownership back, I could experience all of the happiness I had on hold.

Take your happiness off hold and begin truly living the life you want by first envisioning it, mapping a path to it and then following that path no matter what happens!  You will meet resistance; this is jus to see if you really want whatever it is you're going after.  So push through it and watch the happiness grow day-by-day.  One day you'll be passing a large picture window that's squeaky clean and you'll see a grinning idiot staring back at you -- it's you!  That smile can't be wiped off by any simple (or not so simple) turn of fate because you are directing your own happiness.

Remember, practice makes perfect!  So, if every day at the beginning doesn't feel the way you think it should do more of the things on your map so you're not thinking about all that other stuff.  Get busy getting your dream (and your life) ON and the happiness will follow!

P.S. - If you need some help getting your happiness up, check out some of these relaxing videos that will help you get quiet and set your intentions on the dreams and goals you're seeking to achieve.

Om Mani Padme Hum -

The Chinese Garden -

Chinese Love Song -

Nature & Dolphin Song -

Native American Flute Song -

Ta-ta for now,
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  1. Rochelle, what a refreshing post! What I love about writing and sharing is that magical thing that happens almost every time: we discover that we are more alike than different.

    I purposely chose a broad topic, because it does make you think. It encourages you to go deeper and discover your own truth. However, your truth sounds a little like mine. :-) I too came to a moment in which I was sick & tired of being sick and tired. Spending time dreaming about what would happen if I followed my passion of writing instead of just doing it! Giving my power away waiting for someone else to "give me the ok" to move forward. Well I claimed my own power now! And Rochelle, I can tell you it's been such a blessing!

    You're right you have to push forward no matter what and make a conscious decision every day to strive for happiness!!

    Thank you for being my guest and sharing such honest and thoughtful words with my readers!!

    May your journey be continually blessed!

  2. Rochelle Campbell9:13 PM

    Thank you, Ms. Trinka for allowing me to be a guest on your blog! Sorry for the late response but fractured my wrist at the end of June and have just gotten out of my splint as of yesterday. I will get back to my writing regimen and continuing to write and publish. Good luck to you as well in your book marketing endeavors!


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