Life Decisions

Recently, I've had to make some serious decisions.  Decisions regarding what direction to take next.  I was quite sure of what I wanted to do.  However, another factor came into play.  Although there were many things on the table, one option would bring happiness to someone that I love very much.

Ahhh love and happiness.... *music break* :-)

Now back to our regular scheduled show. :-D

So what to do??? And this dilemma reflects the essence of my blog.  The title- Yeah I Think I'm Happy- is both a statement and a question. Some days you're sure and some days you're not. Some days you think it's all about listening to your heart, but then you're touched by someone else's heart.

So my friends, does happiness require you to sacrifice at times for those you love? Ultimately, doesn't seeing the important people in your life happy also make you happy?


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