Introducing...Lilian Gardner

Meet Lilian Gardner--a brand new author discusses her unique perspective on happiness and her recently released short story, Freakout!

I believe happiness is first and foremost a skill. Sure, some people are blessed with a positive life while others seem to be damned, but if you think about it, everyone has had moments of happiness. Now, the skill is to be able to recall those moments and understand that they are real, they did happen to you and they are part of your life as much as the negative moments are. People have a tendency to only remember negative things, failures instead of achievements, and to a degree that's just how our brain is wired, but just take 10 minutes every night to recall all the positive moments, the happy times, the things you have done and achieved, and I think happiness can be a little closer.

I'm Lilian and I've launched a short story on kindle. This is my first time on kindle and publishing in general. I'll be launching a novel as well. My stories are a mix of fantasy romance, thriller and paranormal. . 

About Freakout:

"The ordinary life of the Scott family tips off balance when a big, black bird flies into the garden and repeats that it is 'Abe. The too-curious family cat, Joshua, will be its first victim. From this moment on, Abe will be an elusive, overshadowing presence in their life; but who, or what, is really Abe? This is an engaging story that rapidly builds up to reveal a twisted character and an ‘unguessable’ finale."

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