A Twist in the Conversation

Good morning all! Yes, I'm up early. Since I can't go back to sleep, I'm watching one of my favs--Criminal Minds.  I heard the following quote on one episode, and I really want your input on this one:

No man is happy without a delusion of some kind. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities. 
~ Christian Nevell Bovee

Now you see the twist in our little happiness conversation here? I can truly say that my posts and those of my guests (thanks again) were written with honesty and sincerity. An honesty and sincerity that could only come from being present and examining our realities. However, Mr. Bovee wants us to believe that delusions are necessary to our happiness as well. Hmm...interesting.

What are your thoughts? I'll continue contemplating as well...


  1. An interesting twist indeed. I think I would replace the word 'delusion/s' for dream/s. "No man is happy without a dream of some kind. Dreams are as necessary to our happiness as realities" !

  2. Samantha9:17 PM

    I loved that show (when I could watch it)! I think happiness is very subjective and sometimes, one can be delusional with it. Personally, it's all in the perception of the observer. Really no one can tell me my happiness is delusional...even if it is. Because who are they to label or put a limit on my emotional well being?

  3. MsTrinkaV2:28 AM

    Carolyn I couldn't agree more. Sometimes our dreams help us to withstand our realities especially when they can be a little bit harsh. Don't you think?


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