Enjoy the moment

I felt amazingly happy today! :-) Actually, this wonderful feeling was the motivation for starting this blog.  I was trying to find the reason why I felt so good but instead decided to just enjoy it. Ever notice how when you attempt to analyze and define moments, they seem to diminish? So, I'm doing less of that now. Much appreciation goes to Oprah!  I've been watching Oprah's LifeClass this past week. Has anyone else been watching?  I've really experienced some awakening moments. I tell you I have cried through every class. :-) Thank God for DVR because I will be watching them again for sure.

My life has been a roller coaster ride these past 2 years or so and I have truly truly learned so much. There was a lot of pain, depression, confusion, doubt, loneliness. Praise God I was able to find the blessing in the darkness. And that blessing was my truth--straight with no chaser! lol  That's why I can say yeah--I think I'm happy now! I'm loving life, loving me and loving my spiritual relationship with The Creator!   Oh if you're interested in the LifeClass, the link is under the e-Highway to Happiness below. cute right?


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