Soul Sunday

Ah Sunday! It's a beautiful day here in south Georgia! I have a bowl of Kellog's Crunchy Nut and a cup of coffee--a perfect start to my day! ;-) Yes it's almost 2pm but I slept in today.

I'm watching Soul Sunday on OWN. It's interesting so far. The show I'm watching now is about a guy who believes he sees angels, demons, auras and ghosts. (Wake up with Jonas Elrod)  He was struggling with his gift. So, in order to understand it and to hear what God was saying to him, he went on a vision quest. It's a tradition in Native American culture. Hmm I can't fully describe it but you can read more about it here:  Vision Quest Link

Lesson? People get to happy in different ways. Oh and the tribe that is helping with his vision quest has no word for "goodbye" or "religion" in their language. Wow....


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