Here's to Mothers!

Good morning!
I hope everyone is doing well. Got an early start to my day. Enjoying a cup of coffee with cinnamon toast and cream cheese! Yum!! The highlight of my morning  (besides actually waking up lol): there was a bird perched outside my window. Lovely! I got lost in the beauty of the moment--listening to her song.
Ahhh it was peaceful and all was right with the world....

Then the phone rang. My doctor's office reminding me of an appointment. The alarm went off which I've strategically placed away from my bed forcing me to get up to turn it off (or hit snooze). On the way, I stumped my toe. Dropped the phone, it fell apart.  My original choice for breakfast was my favorite--some Kashi cereal. You guessed it--the milk had spoiled.

I went back to the window to find that bird that lured me into thinking her song was the start to a BEAUTIFUL day! >:-|  Of course she was gone. And the phone rings again. "Good morning, baby! You alright today?" my Mother's voice :-D Ahhh it was soothing and all was right with the world...

Here's to Mothers who have the amazing power to bring happiness in the smallest gestures! 


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