Wonder Woman, She-Ra & Me!

Today's question: How would you start saving the world if you woke up tomorrow with superhuman powers?

Reading the question brought so many childhood memories to mind. Do you remember when we were naive enough to believe that superpowers would work? Our parents secretly orchestrating our disappearing acts. They fed our innocence by keeping our capes fresh and clean. Never being able to find us when we were invisible. little side note--that's why I love that commercial with the little boy dressed as Darth Vader and he uses his "powers" to start the car. His Dad is actually in the window with the remote starter. Adorable.  Oh question friends: did anyone else's force field malfunction when siblings were beating you up or while getting a spanking? Show of hands please? 

Growing up, I never thought the world would ever need to be saved. Superheroes (Moms, Dads, families, police, politicians, the President, judges, teachers, etc) would always look out for the best interest of all people and keep us all safe. People would always naturally want the best for you, because no one believed (back then) that your having the best threatened their ability to have it as well.

So how would I start saving the world if I woke up with superpowers tomorrow?  My x-ray vision would be able to see any person who was being abused. Then, with my telepathic powers, I would make all perpetrators go to the police and turn themselves in. I would sprinkle my gold glittery magic dust and all survivors of abuse would have a happy, positive, clean, loving and nurturing environment.

I would fly high above the Earth and zoom around the galaxy. Then, I would hover over our planet and shout down to it: “No one on Earth should have two houses until everybody has ONE!” Homelessness eradicated!  By merely speaking “open sesame,” everyone in the world would have enough food to eat!

And that would be day one! :-) Oooooh and one more thing before midnight, I’d fly over to Washington, DC with arms outstretched. Then….wait for it…I'd clap my hands together and boom! NO MORE INFAMOUS “AISLE”!! *insert evil laugh* Republicans and Democrats will have to sit…TOGETHER!!  Take that! Now you're purple! *evil laugh again* Get it red and blue mixed together? Ok ok corny, I know. LOL

good night...


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