I Look to You

NaBloPoMo Day 1! During this month long event, bloggers are provided a writing prompt each day. It may be a statement or a question to inspire creative flow. I’m going to share each day’s prompt in case you want to journal/write along with me. 

Today’s prompt: From where do you draw your energy?

My major source is God. His love, His light, and His everlasting love energize me. When I see the faces and hear the laughter of my family, I feel something that I can’t explain. They ground me and remind me who I am.

Speaking of family-that is why I’m posting so late tonight. We had our annual New Year’s Day fish fry. The weather was nice. Children were running around the yard playing. Men were gathered in circles telling tall tales—oops I mean sharing stories. Where were the women? Everywhere, of course. In the kitchen, cleaning, checking the pots and pans, assuring that the tea and lemonade kept flowing, sitting around the dining room and kitchen tables chatting and laughing. Some of us were outside catching up with old friends, sharing funny stories and striking a pose for the many camera phones. (Does anyone have an actual camera anymore?)  The air was vibrating with positivity!  Now I feel revived to keep moving forward.

I draw energy from God every day, but family gives me that extra boost. They are my gift from God.


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