The Big Announcement

Day 3 of 2013! How are you doing so far? :-) I'm doing great--for two reasons actually. First, I'm in Georgia visiting my family and friends! Yay!  Secondly, I get to share some wonderful news with you! 

After the Sixth Day: Notes from a Spiritual Journey is now available as an ebook!  

Now all of you who love your e-readers can download a copy to curl up with and enjoy. :-) It's exciting to be able to give you this option. Happy Reading! 

Distribution in progress to Sony.

Oh by the way, samples of the book are provided on the SmashWords link, but you can visit Amazon, Goodreads, and YouTube as well. Thanks and let me know what you think please! :-)

*Much appreciation for Rachelle Ayala Publishing for turning my ebook into a reality. I highly recommend their services.


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