Happiness & Regrets

When I started writing today, it was Day #8 of NaBloPoMo… If you haven’t already, you should go check the hundreds of entries on BlogHer. Just click on the NaBloPoMo badge on the right.

Today as I was clicking around on Facebook, I was watching some Hallmark movie about love. A love that was abandoned and later revisited. You know how it all goes. :-)  That’s when the thought hit me. How many of us had a deep crush (or two) on a classmate?  A person’s name you secretly doodled in your notebook, paired your first name with his last name and probably even planned your dream wedding. lol Have you ever walked away from a relationship and later wondered what if you’d stayed?

With the advent of Facebook and all the other social media networks, you could actually peek into that person’s life now. What would you find? Would it bring up regrets? Would you realize you dodged a bullet? :-) If you’re both available, do you want to take a chance to see if love will blossom?

“Regrets are the things we do that we wish we hadn't done and the things we fail to do that we wish we had done…”  [Dr. Mark MuchnickRegrets can occur in any area of our lives not just love. For happiness sake, I try to examine all my decisions carefully and attempt to keep fear at bay in order to face life boldly! My motivation? To not wake up one day with a list of regrets. 

Interestingly enough, I found this article on regrets and happiness. You should check it out. The Regret Factor: How It Impacts Our Happiness Also, if you’ve been doing some “recon” on an old love or a school crush, how would you answer the questions above? This should be fun! :-)


  1. Okay I'll go first! geesh! :-) So ok I kind of poked around, did a little googling and I found my high school crush. What I found? His online life paints him as a God-fearing, hard-working, loving husband and father. Regrets? Nah.. Did I dodge a bullet? Well yeah!! I mean what woman wants a God-fearing, hard-working, loving man?? I don't neeed all that stress in my life! Going to read Breathing Lessons again to calm down. woooo.. LOL :-)


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