Pulsating through my chest and out my nose–
that’s the way my life flows.
In and out is each breath I take serving
as a sign of life when I’m sleep and when I’m awake.

Pull it in deep and then blow real hard. 
Keep that pace going and fill it in your heart. 
Keep your mind clear and your soul at ease
when you follow the breathing lessons that I’m trying to teach.

Do it in the car and when you’re at work. 
Do it when you’re feeling good and when it really hurts. 
Take it in now as much as you can. 
Touch your chest and feel it expand.

Our skin starts to tingle as life flows through
as breath makes it way over me and you. 
Close your eyes and focus on the sensation. 
Take a minute to meditate and send your mind on vacation.

Lessons in breathing take you beyond–
signaling fear and increasing during fun.
I didn’t always know how to breathe. 
I would take a deep gasp and hold it inside of me.

I would restrict its power and my chest would get tight. 
This is what happens when your breathing is not right. 
This is what happens when you stop life’s flow
instead of relaxing and letting it go.

Now breathe because you have no choice.  
It’s your way of speaking when you have no voice.   
Show some indication that you are alive.  
Take a deep breath and see how you thrive.

My grandmother breathed easy without much care.   
She moved through life like she was floating on air.  
I didn’t know she was giving me a breathing lesson--
lips barely parted with her hands folded and rested. 
Exemplifying the ease at which it takes 
to quiet doubts and mend the breaks.

My other grandmother told me that’s how I came to be.   
God took my body and in it He breathed.   
So when you inhale and exhale notice your breath 
and realize God is dwelling in your chest.

Lessons in breathing tell us that in the end 
we take one last breath and  our souls fly away on the wind. 

--copyright 2012 

[Taken from my book, After the Sixth Day: Notes from a Spiritual Journey]


  1. Jillian @ foodfilledlife.com2:19 AM

    Hi! I found you through NaBloMoPo.Thank you so much for the breathing lesson. I found it very inspiring. As I was reading your beautiful words, I started noticing my breathing, and felt calmer, and more centered. I will keep coming back for more breathing lessons.

  2. Love this: So when you inhale and exhale notice your breath

    and realize God is
    dwelling in your chest. may I share a link to this post in my blog?

  3. Hi Jillian! Isn't NaBloPoMo great? I've been meeting a lot of great bloggers. I'm honored that you enjoyed and was inspired by Breathing Lessons. I call this poem my first "interactive" piece because your response is what I hoped readers would feel. I read it sometimes to get centered as well. Oh and please keep coming back. :-)

  4. Thanks Tamara and sure please feel free to share! :-)


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