Ode To A Dream

If I could live anywhere, where would it be?
It would be warmed by the sun and filled with the fragrance of the sea.
If I could live anywhere, there would have to be white sand, 
and the sounds of nature would be my own private band.

I would share it with the fishes and the seagulls flying high. 

I’d be able to run out to the balcony and watch boats sailing by.
If I could live anywhere, it would be a place where my spirit felt free, and 
it would even be close enough for my family to visit me.

Every part of my being would finally feel that I had arrived, 
as I lay back on my blanket gazing at the night sky.

If I could live anywhere, happiness would be within my reach, because I would finally—after all these years—have a home on the beach.

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