Me Against the World or So I Thought

I was told once, when I was younger that it would be me against the world. Me vs the world. I believed it, and it served me well for many years.  I was driven to be the best. It strengthened my wall, and I kept people out. No chance of being hurt here! Not me. It was me against the world and doggone it, I was going to win!

How many know having the “me against the world” mentality was a breeding ground for other things? Self-centeredness, isolation, selfishness, being suspicious and defensive—all a result of adapting this mindset.  Thank God I’ve been delivered! No one should feel they are alone in the world. No one should feel that the world is out to “get them.”  
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There’s no denying the fact that the world is and can be an ugly place—cruel even.  Now that it’s my turn as the adult to impact a future generation, what do I say?  I’ll tell you.  I remind them of their strengths! I tell the girls and young women in my life they are beautiful, talented, and stronger than they can imagine! To the young men, I remind them of their power and ability to create a positive life even though media vilifies them.  

I’m available to listen and be fully present when needed, because I never want those I love to feel alone in the world. I want them to be aware that their voices are important and their feelings are validated. I want them to feel free to experience all emotions fully, because God gave them to us for a reason (according to my Mom. Love her!).

I’m not a mother by the way.  I’m an…
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I’m so blessed that my siblings and friends allow and encourage my relationship with their children. I know this is not true for everyone which is why…
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My prayer is that speaking life and empowerment to the young people in my life will take root in their hearts, minds and spirits. So, when they are toe-to-toe with the world, they will not be consumed. They will be confident in who they are! And, if the world knocks them down (because it happens from time to time), they’ll know those who love them are in their corner, ready and more than happy to help them get back up!

So tell me, have you encouraged a child or young adult lately? I believe someone needs to hear from you now.

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