Saturday, Sunshine & Green Smoothies!

Enjoying a green smoothie and thought I'd pop in to share with you. Anyone else enjoy green smoothies? They have absolutely changed my life--increased energy level, clearer thinking (you know something happens to the brain at 40 LOL), just an overall boost to my well-being! I've even eliminated some facial care products due to the benefits of including green smoothies in my diet.

Trinka Polite ThePoet shares her take on green smoothies.This is what I'm sipping on today:

My favorite mixed greens are the blends from Organic Girl! I'm all about those Super Greens!   Lol But Earthbound Farm is also on my list of awesome blends. 

*Disclaimer* I'm in no way a healthcare professional or making a declaration that you should drink green smoothies. Just sharing the transformative benefits experienced in my life. 

If you're a fellow smoothie drinker, please let me know. Share your thoughts, fave smoothie recipes and experiences with "the green" in the comments below.

Thank you!

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