Dunamis Power: It's in You!

I'm going to call it night...finally. But, I couldn't rest until I shared a little something with you.

Family,  friends & strangers *smile*, I urge you to seek God. Talk to Him. If you don't know how to do either, there are people out there anointed to show us how. Don't be ashamed to ask for help and don't listen to the enemy. Read the Love Notes from God series here on the blog, and you'll see just how much our Father loves us and is WAITING to bless us! WAITING to reveal HIS will for our lives.  And, I'm going to keep sharing God's message of love with you until you embrace it and walk in it! 

God has placed doors before me and I'm doing the prep work to be able to walk in boldly and claim what's destined for me.  We all can decree and declare, by the dunamis power at work within us, as royalty of heaven, that we will have all blessings in the supernatural manifest in the natural!! So guess what?? Get in position to receive--whether it means repenting, deliverance, accepting Yeshua as your savior or all of the above. Just get ready and...



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