Spiritual Journeys: Learn, Live & Sow Honor

Today launches a new monthly feature--Spiritual Journeys. Through various methods (videos, book reviews, personal writings, articles, interviews, etc.), we will explore the path to faith. We will share knowledge and wisdom gained through life experience to encourage others.

Spiritual Journeys seeks to illuminate the way for those who are out there searching and for those who have lost their way. Your input is crucial. Spiritual Journeys and every post on Feasting on the Divine is open for a two-way conversation. Use the comment sections to join in. Need a little more privacy? Email me.

Welcome to our guest: Author, Mentor, Speaker and Teacher Zari Banks! Zari is the author of over 10 books, teacher of numerous spiritual growth courses and the editor or assistant publisher of more than 15 other books. She loves to learn, and she has a heart for children and single parents.

Please relax and enjoy today's teaching on Honor:

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 2 & Mark 12

Thank you, Zari!


  1. Thank you for allowing me the HONOR of be a guest on your blog, Trinka! God bless and increase you 1000 times in Jesus' name!!!

    1. Thank YOU! I receive it in Jesus' name!! This is truly going to bless many! I've always believed honoring others was a way of saying thank you God for the blessing of having this person in my life--whether for a season, reason or a lifetime! Hope you'll visit Feasting on the Divine again in the future! Be blessed!

  2. being* ... oopsy!


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