Getting Out of the Gym: Workout Alternatives

Today is cardio day! I'm headed to the gym shortly. Actually, it is a beautiful day outside, and I could walk around the neighborhood but to the gym it is!

This leads to today's topic--workout alternatives. Honestly, with the fall temps moving in, I will strive to do more outdoor activities. However, what are some other workouts I can incorporate?

Yes, the #fitlife journey is fun and makes me feel great. Now I'm looking for some new ways to stay active. Zumba is on my list. Enjoyed it in the past!

I've recently started thinking about yoga. (Now that I know it's not just for skinny people. just being honest about my past ignorance. lol)

Your help is much appreciated. What are you doing to stay fit? I welcome your suggestions on some new alternatives. Thank you! Oh and any yoga fans with suggestions for beginners?


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