The Unexpected

First of all, let me say welcome and thank you so much to everyone who follows/subscribes to my blog! It means a lot to me to have you here, and I truly welcome your input.

My vision is that this blog will continue to be a safe and inviting place to discuss the different ways we embrace happiness (or insert your label of choice).  Yet, it's vital to be realistic and open about what blocks or limits our pursuit for a better quality of life—a healthier state of being.  

Only through free expression can we truly discover, examine and define our truth. At least that’s what I believe. So let’s have some free expression going on here! :-)  I meditated on it and realized I'm writing TO you. What I desire is that we write together! Therefore, for my next series of posts, I’ll share a thought, idea, or prompt to stir up some conversation, and we’ll dialogue in the comments section. Sound good? :-) 

For my blogger pals, if you’re inspired to blog as a response, please link back to this post. We'd love to read it. You could also share a brief snippet and the link to your blog as a comment below.  Okay, here’s the first one:

The one source of happiness that I never expected in life is____________________. It took me completely by surprise!


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