The Prayer of the Chronic Multitasker

Lord, please help me to unitask more. Take me back to the days when I didn’t have a laptop, a smart phone, and an HDTV with Wi-Fi that I used at the same time. Precious Father, I desire to drive to the grocery store and not have to make 2 or 3 calls on the way. Let me sing to the top of my lungs to the song playing on the radio or listen to nothing at all and just enjoy the natural sounds. Better yet, help me to just concentrate on driving to and from my destination safely, sweet Jesus.

Heavenly Father, deliver me from chronic multitasking so that I may fully engage in conversations without checking texts, voicemails, email and look into my loved ones’ eyes when they speak and truly hear what they’re saying. Remind me of the abundance of knowledge that can be gained by reading and unplugging from technology. God, I desire to be fully present as often as possible, to the best of my ability. 

I declare that I will no longer allow chronic multitasking to steal intimacy from my life. For I know that intimacy is not reserved for just sexual relationships or experiences. To be intimate is to be familiar, close and personal which is required in healthy interactions with others. Lord, I want to pay attention in this life I’ve been blessed to have. I don’t want to miss seeing You in everything, hearing Your voice when You speak to me or miss a chance to share You with someone who needs You. 


*This "prayer" was inspired by seeing the word "unitask" in an article I was reading earlier.   Not a word that's used or even applauded in our society, and I thought how sad. What are we missing by not being able to unitask more?


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