Wherever You Go, There You Are

"So much of what we think will make us happy, simply doesn't.
Of course, the idea that happiness comes from within is nothing new. Two thousand years ago Seneca cautioned that though you may 'cross vast spaces of sea' in an attempt to escape the stresses of your life, you will fail to find peace or happiness there because 'your faults will follow you withersoever you travel' as 'you flee along with yourself.' "~~Lisa Rivero

The above is a snippet from this article:

Growing Up on Purpose-Freedom from having to get what you want 

One point in this article is the message we've heard so many times before: happiness is not something that you find. It's something that you create. So, why do so many of us get stuck in "looking" for happiness? I'll stop now and say that this may sound contradictory to yesterday's post because I used the word "pursuit". However, I meant pursuit in the sense of striving. Pursuit in the sense of seeking ways to create your own happiness. Ok back to our regular show :-)

So, why do so many of us get stuck in "looking" for happiness? Ms. Rivero suggests that we're asking the wrong question. Rather than asking what do I want in order to be happy, we should ask what do I want to be. The answer to the last question will lead to a happier more fulfilled life, therefore giving us the freedom from having to get what we want. Makes you think, huh? :-) Well read the article and give me your take on it. I'll continue discussing this article in another post.


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