Incubation: Setting the Atmosphere

Ah. You’re still here. 
I’m so grateful. 
Thank you for hanging in there. 
Thank you to everyone who reaches out to ask about my work. 
I’ve been living this complicated-happy-peaceful-confusing-lovely-assured-wonderful-crazy life. All of creation ebbs and flows. 
All of creation is beholden to cycles, seasons and phases. Humans included. This human too. 
Each season possesses its own trials, lessons, successes, victories and growth spurts. 
I used to cringe at change and grab a tight hold on anxiety when I didn’t understand. Then, get in bed with depression when I wanted to give up. 
From your feedback, I’ve learned a valuable and life-saving, life-giving, and purpose-building lesson, which tinybuddha captures perfectly:


Isn't that a powerful quote? A lot has happened in my ongoing "story." Most importantly, my heart has been expanded by gratitude for God’s love, God’s acceptance, love from my family, beautiful friendships and notes like this from you:

At the moment you wonder why God gave you a specific assignment, He sends a reminder like the one above. He reminded me that someone is waiting for me to honor my gift and to keep sharing my story.  You see, I know how it feels to have your soul ache, spirit crushed and your flesh still has to participate in daily life. I know the need to hold on to a little bit of denial to maintain sanity in your current reality.  I know how it is to wish SOMEBODY was talking about these topics openly.  

Well, here you go. I’m here. Let’s talk because someone is waiting for you too!

Currently, I’m creating a space to incubate and allow our faithful God to guide the pen of this poetic storyteller.  2019 and 2020 will bring you volume II of the Spiritual Journeys Devotional series and a third poetry collection.  Stay connected!

Is there a goal you've been wanting to accomplish? Maybe it's time for you to set your atmosphere to create conditions for development.😉 Someone is waiting for YOU!

Peace & Blessings!    


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