Nightly Musings: Mantras

With several significant life goals on my plate, I'm paying more attention to my self-talk and evaluating relationships. A video a friend shared with me today reinforced the importance of a "cultivated mindset." So this is a quick post to encourage you to be intentional about your relationship choices and your self-talk.  

What have I been saying to myself lately? These eight words from "Runnin" have been a powerful mantra for me since the song was released:

A simple reminder to be true to myself. 
Eight words which summon my goals to mind. 
An arrangement of letters that keeps me from turning back to a past I conquered. 
A statement which demands I stand strong against anything or anyone which attempts to change my God-given identity.

What is your mantra?

Nightly Musings: Mantra on Feasting on the Divine with Trinka Polite


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