Block Identity Theft

In all my years of counseling, I've found something to be true. The root of most emotional and mental conflicts involves the human desire to be loved, needed, and seen. The turmoil grows when one or more of those desires is insufficient or missing. As a response, we may begin to exhibit extremes in one or the other.  

Tell me if this sounds familiar; People who are in love with "love." Someone being described as "too needy." I admire creativity and individuality, but sometimes ostentatious behavior may hint at a longing. The longing may develop into unexpressed anger. I can't tell you how many ways unexpressed anger manifests itself in our lives. Depression, bullying, overeating, people-pleasing, and working compulsively to name a few. Transparent Moment! This is not only knowledge gained from my profession, but I'm speaking from personal experience. 

The key for me--which I believe is the key for all of us--is uncovering the lie! Feel free to comment with your thoughts, but the lie is that the human desire to be loved, needed, and seen is only fulfilled from a place or source outside ourselves. No, my friends. We first need to know who we are on a spiritual level. Spend time communing with God our Creator so we understand His original plans for our lives. Develop a relationship with Holy Spirit to develop our gifts to serve the world. Talk with our Saviour Yeshua, our joint heir, in order to portray the image in which we were created--our heavenly Father's.

Then and only then will we interact with the world from a place of knowing we're already loved; our gifts are needed; and our image is a reflection of our heavenly Father! So what does all this mean, Trinka? I'm glad you asked. Thank you.

It means the human desire to be loved, needed and seen starts within, taking away the power for the world to tell us what love is, give us our purpose or define who we are. Connecting and building a relationship with the Holy Trinity, we are now equipped to fulfill these desires based on spiritual truth and reject anything contrary to it!

Block Identity Theft blog post on Feasting on the Divine by Trinka Polite

Here are some scriptures on spiritual identity which I enjoy:
God's Love
Psalm 139: 14-18
John 1:12
Ephesians 1:4-5

Which scriptures keep you grounded in your spiritual identity?

Block Identity Theft blog post on Feasting on the Divine by Trinka Polite


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