Fitness Roundup: You Better Work!

Just raise your hand if you're with me.  You're there again searching for motivation to start a workout routine.  I got bored with the gym and daily workouts slowly decreased. Set reminders on my smart phone.  It didn't help because I'm smarter than my phone. I turned off the reminders. 

My blog is about "feasting" on what's good for your body, mind and spirit.  Checking my "diet" lately, I haven't been focused on the body. Time to refocus! The search commenced to round up some great fitness-related articles to feast on!  Here are a couple I enjoyed on motivation and goal setting:

The Secret To Achieving Your New Fitness Goals

Back To Fitness: 4 Effortless Workout Motivation Tricks

Friends, we just have to do it! Hmm that's been said before right?  And now that I'm sharing my goal with you here, I'll feel accountable to you.  To borrow a term from a fellow poet (Annette Billings)...

my goal  is to participate in intentional activity (formerly known as exercise) at least two days this week. I'll post updates in the comments. :)

How do you stay motivated to accomplish your fitness goals?

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  1. Accomplished my goal this week by getting in a little cardio! Tomorrow starts a new week. I'm ready!

  2. Great job on accomplishing your goal this week. I find difficulty in making the right food choices (I'm trying to improve). I've been physically active in some type of sport almost my entire life so I don't mind working out. I just need to work on my eating. #BLMGirls

    1. Thank you! Yes I decided to conquer one hurdle at a time. Lol I took time to learn about my eating habits, healthier food options and portions. Now to get this workout routine to stick! :-) Thanks for stopping by Marquita!


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