Childhood Memories: A Thrift Store Find


Exploring thrift stores is a new pastime. I have family and friends who are pros at scoring little treasures. I’m not at “pro” status yet but it is fun! The writer in me wonders about the stories behind some of the items. Wondering how someone was able to part with china or glassware so beautiful. Gorgeous vintage purses! Yes, I bought a couple with wooden handles. Love! My latest trek was particularly wonderful! 

Walking around Goodwill, I browsed some books and old DVDs. Saw a cool magazine table, pie dishes and plenty of clothes. There were so many young people in there creating thrift store-chic looks. Quite creative! Patronage for these types of stores has definitely changed over the years. 

Trek continues… and I look towards the wall shelves and see a painting peeking out from behind another. Beautiful fall colors which always catch my eye. The closer I get the more familiar it seems. Slowly, I remove the obstruction and there it is—a picture that used to hang in my Grandmother’s house. 

Westal picture on blog Feasting on the Divine by Trinka Polite
Golden Days by Westal
My paternal Grandmother was probably one of the first people to wake up and nurture my imagination. We would sit on the front porch in our rocking chairs surrounded by pecan groves, fields of beans, peanuts and corn, rose bushes, dogwood trees and blue hydrangea. Grandma Henry’s house was my sanctuary.  As we sat there rocking away, most of the time in silence and smiles, Grandma would say something like “I see a rabbit in the sky. Look at the clouds and tell me what you see.” Honestly, the first time, I jumped out the chair and ran to the steps to get a better look because “Grandma, I don’t see no rabbit!” LOL We lived in the country as you’ve probably guessed. So on clear nights, we would gaze at the stars too and find the constellations. 

Back to the picture. I stared at it a lot as a child.  Do you see the young lady on her horse? I believe if the horse was standing still I wouldn’t have paid attention to it. But the horse is in mid-gallop. :-) I remember Grandma asking me “where do you think she’s going?” Most likely I looked at her with childlike confusion to mask being caught staring at this pic on every visit, because I do remember NOT answering the question. However, her next words were—“Use your imagination baby.”  

Boom! My world instantly expanded! I did use my imagination. I have used it and I continue to have an open mind and spirit. It sustains me and helps me to see the beauty in all that surrounds me.  Reminds me of one of my favorite movie quotes from Under the Tuscan Sun:

“Never lose your childish innocence. It's the most important thing.” ~ Katherine

What's one of your favorite childhood memories?

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