Just Go For It

You know I’m just trying to live the life I’ve dreamed of having and more importantly, the one God says I can have! It’s freeing! So freeing! Is everything perfect? No, but there’s gratification in at least trying. You honestly have no reason to wonder IF this dream will come true or IF THAT idea will work. Just go for it! The only thing you’re busy doing now is thinking about IT all the time—whatever your “it” is.

I’m working on my novel today. When will I be finished? I have no clue. Will anyone like it? Who knows! But I’m having fun and daring to believe I can fulfill the dream of writing a novel! Keurig is on standby, and I’m armed with my mighty pen and valiant keyboard!

Live out loud! Live your truth! Most importantly, live in many directions with total abandon! Fall down! Roll around a little bit if you have to, and then get up to try again!

Sending love and blessings to each of you!

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