Light Bulb Delayed

As I was cruising on this rainy day in Illinois, enjoying some old school music, I was reminded of something. I'm almost sure other creative writers will be able to relate. Have you ever read or heard a title (or any words) and thought “OMG! I wish I had thought of that first?” I have!!

Do you know what’s on the top of my list? When Doves Cry! Oh it evokes such a powerful image!  You can feel the hurt, the disappointment. You can imagine the depth of peace that existed before that moment, but more apparent is the excruciating pain that would cause doves to cry. Oh well. Guess I’ll let Prince have that one. :-)

Here are a few others I wish I could claim: Set Fire to the Rain, Beautiful Liar, I Can’t Stand the Rain.

Do you have any? Not everyone is a writer. So, please feel free to share anything you wish you had thought of first. Can’t wait to see your responses!

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