Hi everyone! It's August--my favorite month! Why you may ask? My birthday is August 18th!  This Saturday! Yes I'll be celebrating the anniversary of my 35th birthday. *takes a bow* I decided I like 35 so I'm holding there. :-)

I plan to share several posts with you this week, because it's my birthday. (in case you've forgotten since the last sentence) Here's the first--an interview I had with author Raynetta J. Stocks. Her writing covers a multitude of genres. So be sure to check out her work as well. 

I'm so honored to be hosted on her website. Hope you enjoy it and I'd love to hear your feedback! 

Raynetta's Soapbox: Soapbox Spotlight: Trinka Polite: Thank you for joining us!  Today's Spotlight is on Trinka Polite , poetess and spiritualist.  Poetry, as my readers know, is a subject more


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