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Don’t give up on your dream!

When I think about what makes me happy I focus my attention on my dreams. Looking back, I can say I have had most of them come true. What I remember most is that for every dream I had to fight till the end, not to give up. I think that’s the only way a dream can come true. Not giving up on it. Never.

About the past, I remember the day when I received an email from a publisher who wanted to publish my book, Leave me alone. It was in 1997, my mother had died twenty days before and I was destroyed but still trying to not give up on my dream to have my book published. The afternoon I read the email I have even cried thinking it was a sign, a message from her who was telling me ‘Go on with your life, you can do it.’

The publisher wrote she was too moved reading my book (I have sent it to her only two days before and she had read it in that short time) and she wanted to publish it with no doubt. I was overwhelmed, I felt so happy after all that sorrow that I was not able to sit down and stay just there in front of my pc. I needed to move, to tell someone what had happened. And I did so. The day I have had my printed copy of Leave me alone, two months ago, was wonderful. I looked at it and couldn’t believe I had it in my hands, you know.

So, when I think about happiness I remember that day I received the email, and all the next days my other dreams have come true. I’m a mother and you can imagine how I felt the day my son was born. Happiness maybe is an insufficient word to describe it... As every person, I have had lots of sorrow in my life, people I loved and I have lost, my mother above all. But even if I feel a deep sorrow thinking about what we could have done together if the cancer hadn’t stopped her life, I can’t say my life is not still worthy to live. I have people now near me who make me happy every day, my four-year-old son above all, my husband, my sister and my dad, my friends, those who are near me and those who live far away.

About Leave me alone, the theme of happiness is always present. One of the main characters – the young woman – always looks for happiness. She tries to face her life, tries to fight against her fears, to defend her hopes and dreams and till the end what she looks for is happiness. About Alina – the second main character – she is already happy. She loves her mom.  Alina spends time with her and with her friend Svetlana. Her life is perfect. But her destiny suddenly changes and she experiences a horrible event that a child shouldn’t do.

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  1. Emiliana thank you for being a guest on my blog! While I thoroughly enjoyed everything you shared, your first paragraph was so powerful to me. Also what a blessing to feel that message from your mother. I'm sure many of my readers could relate. Although it's a message we've heard before, I believe it's one that we probably need to hear every day! Never give up! :-)

    Having family and other loved ones around you is motivating, and it encourages you to keep moving forward.

    Thanks for reminding us to seek our happiness no matter what!! Good luck with Leave Me Alone & your literary career!


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