Our Road Blocks

Well good Sunday afternoon everyone! Not sure where you are, but for the past two days, it has rained here in Georgia! It was pouring down! :-) So thankful to see the sun today! My prayers and thoughts go out to all who suffered lost during the tornadoes.  The weather experts say that our nation experienced 100 tornadoes in a 48hr period. That's usually a MONTHLY average!

Of course, events like this usually heighten our awareness of time and how precious it is. We go over our dreams lists, bucket lists, people I need to forgive lists, places I wanted to go lists, etc etc. I confess. I glanced over my lists and accessed my progress. However, the thoughts that took up the most space in my mind were related to why I had NOT fulfilled some of the items on my list.  This is not special to me. We all have these thoughts, but sometimes we just don't want to truly face what's holding us back. Therefore, we delay our true happiness and live in a false sense of contentment. Sometimes... I don't want to generalize.

Maybe we can move from thinking we're happy to knowing we're happy by identifying our road blocks. What do you think? I watched the two links below this morning. It really opened my eyes to some things and blessed me.  Watch. You'll be blessed too! :-) Please come back and share your thoughts and comments.

Impatience & Hastiness Part I

Impatience & Hastiness Part II


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