Stay Passionate

"You can't wait for something exciting to happen before you decide to be excited" Joel Osteen

For my blog post today, I want to share what made me happy today.  I'm not sure if it's ever happened to you but sometimes I spend so much time working on the dream,  I lose the excitement about the dream!  Know what I mean? The level of passion fluctuates and I ask myself, "do I continue or just find something new to do?"

Well while I was pondering this question, I was flipping through channels, and I heard Joel Osteen say "Stay passionate about life!"  His message revived me. The Universe reminded me that on this journey I won't *feel* excited about life every day. However, that's why I need to keep my goals and dreams in front me each day to help me focus on the destination when the journey makes me weary.

So my friends, stay encouraged! Stay focused and stay passionate! And to borrow a quote from my cousin: before you let go, remember why you held on in the first place!

When you get a moment, please watch. Let me know how it speaks to you.  (the message starts at 1:29)


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