Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Introducing...Aileen Stewart

Happy is an adjective which by dictionary definition means: delighted, pleased, or characterized by pleasure,
contentment, or joy. This leads me to believe that happiness, like most other feelings, is a choice that one makes on a daily basis. Scripture tells us that Godliness with contentment is great gain, and that having brought nothing into this world we should be content with having food and raiment. Another passage encourages us to be content with whatever we have. These are surely good words to live by and make for a less stressful way of living. 

Take for instance an average day where you might wake up and find that the car won't start. You now have a choice. Do you get upset, grumble and complain, kick the car tire and possibly break your toe and ruin your whole day? Or do you look for the good in the situation? "What good could possibly be in this situation," you ask? If it were me, I would be happy that my husband also has a vehicle which still leaves us with transportation. I would be happy and thankful that we have the ability to pay to have the non-working vehicle fixed. I would be thankful, that while possibly inconvenient, the situation was at least not life threatening.

By daily choosing happiness, joy, contentment, peace, etc... we take control of our lives. We reduce stress which is linked to all manner of disease and ailments, we inspire and encourage those around us with our positive attitude, and we just plain feel better! So the next time those feeling of depression, sadness, or discontentment try to overtake your day, remember that you are in charge and by counting all your blessings instead of concentrating on all your lacks you can be happy!

Aileen Stewart
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My professional background includes over 14 years as a Career Counselor providing education planning and career guidance.  I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia and National Board Certified Counselor with a Master’s degree in Psychology.  My publications include After the Sixth Day: Notes from a Spiritual Journey and Pain is Fertile Ground—poetry collections focused on spiritual awakening and growth.

On a more personal note, the southern lady that I am loves to cook (have you seen my Pinterest board?) and have fun with my family!  Are there any two things that bring more joy to a G.R.I.T.S. (Girl raised in the south)? Lol 

I hope we stay connected because new ventures are on the way to enlighten your mind and to partner with you to chart a course for your success!  

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