Monday, May 18, 2015

The New Modern Family?

I recently heard someone say they were ready to give up on family. It had me feeling some kind of way.  When those words were spoken, my gratitude for Isaiah 55:8-9 was increased, because these words tell us God does not think or act as we do. He will never give up on us.

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I have a crazy kind of love for my family—a reason I breathe kind of love—my life is connected to your life kind of love- and I can’t fathom “giving up” on them. Flaws, hurts, pain and all. God was purposeful and exact in designating our earthly family. No matter what is happening in our lives or will happen,  do we have a right to give up on them? In these modern times, we so easily discard and replace. Yes, I know there are some extraordinary circumstances when the family of origin is not the best place for a person but even in those situations God has a purpose for choosing that particular family. (but that's another post for another day)

The message today is if you’re experiencing disappointment or feeling disconnected from those you love, know you’re not alone. Your heavenly family (God your Father, Jesus your joint heir, and Holy Spirit your Comforter) is ALWAYS ALWAYS available to listen, comfort and guide you into forgiveness and reconcile damaged relationships. You’ll realize (as I did) that forgiveness starts with self and God has healing available to you! Seek Him. Ask Him for His help. Let your healing be the beginning of your family's healing! 

If you have a testimony about healing family relationships, I welcome you to share in the comments. Your story may be the inspiration someone needs.  Thanking you in advance! Oh and if you need support, please email me. I'll be happy to share some ministry resources which have blessed and healed me. 

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