Thursday, March 15, 2012

Introducing... Denise DeSio

Since the release of my novel, Rose's Will, which is heavily autobiographical, I've been looking back. Finding old high school friends on Facebook, scouring my yearbooks looking for faces that are still familiar, reading those quippy little goodbye blurbs from fellow graduates scribbled in bad penmanship over embarrassing pictures as we stopped each other in the halls en route to our last few classes. 

I was surprised to see how many of my classmates referred to my zaniness, wit, and willingness to do whatever it took to get a laugh. "Always stay as happy as you are," I read forty years later as stark and painful memories of my high school years in a violent home collided with the message. 

In that moment, I was sure that happiness is deeper than circumstance and truer than fleeting emotion. It's not something we can learn or consciously create. Happiness is inside of us whether we know it or not. It's born of strength and belief in our power. We need to stay out of our own way and make room for it. -- 

Denise DeSio
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Introducing...Aileen Stewart

Happy is an adjective which by dictionary definition means: delighted, pleased, or characterized by pleasure,
contentment, or joy. This leads me to believe that happiness, like most other feelings, is a choice that one makes on a daily basis. Scripture tells us that Godliness with contentment is great gain, and that having brought nothing into this world we should be content with having food and raiment. Another passage encourages us to be content with whatever we have. These are surely good words to live by and make for a less stressful way of living. 

Take for instance an average day where you might wake up and find that the car won't start. You now have a choice. Do you get upset, grumble and complain, kick the car tire and possibly break your toe and ruin your whole day? Or do you look for the good in the situation? "What good could possibly be in this situation," you ask? If it were me, I would be happy that my husband also has a vehicle which still leaves us with transportation. I would be happy and thankful that we have the ability to pay to have the non-working vehicle fixed. I would be thankful, that while possibly inconvenient, the situation was at least not life threatening.

By daily choosing happiness, joy, contentment, peace, etc... we take control of our lives. We reduce stress which is linked to all manner of disease and ailments, we inspire and encourage those around us with our positive attitude, and we just plain feel better! So the next time those feeling of depression, sadness, or discontentment try to overtake your day, remember that you are in charge and by counting all your blessings instead of concentrating on all your lacks you can be happy!

Aileen Stewart
Author, Blogger, Public Speaker

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Introducing...Veronica Clark-Nelson

Awaking and witnessing each brand new day come to be.
Hearing a soft rainfall, or the loud and long laughter of a loved one.
Appreciating the wisdom and advice of someone who is your elder.
Smelling a spring morning, or a new baby's breath.
Seeing true innocence and wonderment in a child's eyes.
Touching someone's life in an uplifting way by giving or receiving a helping hand.
Hearing a song that stirs you to your soul.
Feeling an unexplained sense of tranquility, even in the most dire situations.
Having family.
Being in love.
Having the ability to receive and be intertwined within the boundless miracles we experience but overlook every day.
That is my most profound sense of HAPPINESS.
Veronica Clark-Nelson

Monday, March 12, 2012


This week I want to do something a little different. I'm turning "the pen" over to you. My blog is your blog! So here's the invitation: Write your thoughts on happiness (what it means to you? how do you create it? When do you feel happy? Do you think or know that you're happy? etc. etc.)  

Whatever comes to mind for you pertaining to happiness, please send it to my email address:  Please include the name you want to use. Also, if you have a blog or website, please include the link and I'll include it in your post. 

Happy writing and I look forward to reading and sharing your emails! :-)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Road Blocks

Well good Sunday afternoon everyone! Not sure where you are, but for the past two days, it has rained here in Georgia! It was pouring down! :-) So thankful to see the sun today! My prayers and thoughts go out to all who suffered lost during the tornadoes.  The weather experts say that our nation experienced 100 tornadoes in a 48hr period. That's usually a MONTHLY average!

Of course, events like this usually heighten our awareness of time and how precious it is. We go over our dreams lists, bucket lists, people I need to forgive lists, places I wanted to go lists, etc etc. I confess. I glanced over my lists and accessed my progress. However, the thoughts that took up the most space in my mind were related to why I had NOT fulfilled some of the items on my list.  This is not special to me. We all have these thoughts, but sometimes we just don't want to truly face what's holding us back. Therefore, we delay our true happiness and live in a false sense of contentment. Sometimes... I don't want to generalize.

Maybe we can move from thinking we're happy to knowing we're happy by identifying our road blocks. What do you think? I watched the two links below this morning. It really opened my eyes to some things and blessed me.  Watch. You'll be blessed too! :-) Please come back and share your thoughts and comments.

Impatience & Hastiness Part I

Impatience & Hastiness Part II

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