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Way Too Good at Goodbyes

Hello, Friends! Thank you for visiting today. It's been a while since I posted. Truthfully, it's been a while since I committed to putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard--well you get it.  However, the ideas didn't stop flowing.  I have books and businesses inside of me destined to get out.  I claim it in Yeshua's name!

But how many times do we start a goal, project, a dream only to say goodbye to it?  Then, some significant or sometimes almost obscure event happens and voila! Passion is reignited. For a while, you're driven--full steam ahead--and, all of a sudden, the momentum starts to fizzle.  You find yourself bidding farewell once again.  
To borrow from the gifted Sam Smith, why are we way too good at goodbyes when it comes to following through and achieving our goals?  Do you also find it easy to quit sometimes, just stop putting forth the effort to manifest your goals and dreams?  I did and here's why:

Life Transitions I relocated to another state (back …

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