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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Take a Faith-cation!

Faith with GodI’ve been off work for the past four days! I can’t begin to tell you how refreshed, refocused and relaxed I am! It was a much needed faith-cation!! Everyone talks about vacations and stay-cations. When was the last time you had a faith-cation? Not sure if it’s been used before, but "faith-cation" literally just came to my mind a few minutes ago. :)

My goal was to use this off time to be in the presence of my Holy Father. I love Him, missed Him because our one-on-one time has not been consistent lately. I’ve been distracted. So I didn’t plan anything and just fed my spirit. I read books, the Bible, daily scriptures, faith-based and positive blogs. Watched videos and scopes relevant to my life's purpose. I sat outside with intention—to admire and listen to God’s creation sing praise to Him. Leaves applauding through the wind. Birds singing. A father playing with his children. A woman walking with her mother. Each one greeting me with smiles and a hello. A dog on a daily run with his human visited me and offered a friendly sniff.

I cooked some of God’s amazing bounty of vegetables and meats. I ate—not to get full--but to enjoy each bite. Be fully present during my meals. Notice the smell of the food. How it felt in my mouth. Feeling blessed because not everyone has enough to eat. Yes, on my faith-cation, I was intentional, purposeful and intimately engaged with my Heavenly Father and all the blessings He’s provided for me.

I talked with Him about last week, today, next year, yesterday and 20 years ago. Shared my questions about my assignments. Thanked Him for prophetic words spoken over my life. Told Him I needed Him to prepare me to receive my harvest. I confided in Him about my fears and concerns and all the things I didn’t understand. I told Him I loved Him for being available always.  Confessed my sins and admitted my shortcomings.

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…and then I listened.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Fitness Roundup: You Better Work!

Just raise your hand if you're with me.  You're there again searching for motivation to start a workout routine.  I got bored with the gym and daily workouts slowly decreased. Set reminders on my smart phone.  It didn't help because I'm smarter than my phone. I turned off the reminders. 

My blog is about "feasting" on what's good for your body, mind and spirit.  Checking my "diet" lately, I haven't been focused on the body. Time to refocus! The search commenced to round up some great fitness-related articles to feast on!  Here are a couple I enjoyed on motivation and goal setting:

The Secret To Achieving Your New Fitness Goals

Back To Fitness: 4 Effortless Workout Motivation Tricks

Friends, we just have to do it! Hmm that's been said before right?  And now that I'm sharing my goal with you here, I'll feel accountable to you.  To borrow a term from a fellow poet (Annette Billings)...

my goal  is to participate in intentional activity (formerly known as exercise) at least two days this week. I'll post updates in the comments. :)

How do you stay motivated to accomplish your fitness goals?

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Labor of Love

Yes!! Wrapping up some final details with Pain is Fertile Ground. Please know that writing is a labor of love. Your creation is a part of you. So, essentially as writers we're giving a piece of ourselves away when we share our work with the world. But, I trust and know that God's design is perfect and He would not have instructed me to release this collection if someone didn't need it.  

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I also firmly believe that once I release a book it’s no longer mine. It belongs to you! It’s no longer my story or the stories of the one’s who inspired me. It’s YOUR story. We are truly more alike than different, and although I don’t know your specific pain, I know pain. You don’t know my specific pain, but you know pain. THAT is how we connect—honoring the common human story reflected in our daily lives.

My prayer is that my poetry arrives where it is needed. I sincerely appreciate my current supporters and those to come!

For your reading and listening pleasure, here’s a peek at some poetry in Pain is Fertile Ground--releasing this month:

"At the same time, your voice gives me pleasure and pain.
At the same time, I am confused and know all the answers.
At the same time, loving you feels complete and loving you makes me feel empty."
© 2015 Trinka Polite ~ Excerpt from Decisions

"Nothing lasts forever.
That’s the lesson that I’ve learned.
Smiling faces sometimes fade.
Some bridges were meant to be burned.
Stop singing bird! You just may need that cage.
You may not last long any other way.
There is no other side to check to see if the grass is green. 
And getting up on either side of the bed can make you just as mean."
© 2015 Trinka Polite ~ Excerpt from Face the Facts

Poetry reading: Our Forever © 2015 Trinka Polite

Poet & Author Trinka Polite invites you to Feast on all that is Divine and healthy for your mind & soul!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Me Against the World or So I Thought

I was told once, when I was younger that it would be me against the world. Me vs the world. I believed it, and it served me well for many years.  I was driven to be the best. It strengthened my wall, and I kept people out. No chance of being hurt here! Not me. It was me against the world and doggone it, I was going to win!

How many know having the “me against the world” mentality was a breeding ground for other things? Self-centeredness, isolation, selfishness, being suspicious and defensive—all a result of adapting this mindset.  Thank God I’ve been delivered! No one should feel they are alone in the world. No one should feel that the world is out to “get them.”  
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There’s no denying the fact that the world is and can be an ugly place—cruel even.  Now that it’s my turn as the adult to impact a future generation, what do I say?  I’ll tell you.  I remind them of their strengths! I tell the girls and young women in my life they are beautiful, talented, and stronger than they can imagine! To the young men, I remind them of their power and ability to create a positive life even though media vilifies them.  

I’m available to listen and be fully present when needed, because I never want those I love to feel alone in the world. I want them to be aware that their voices are important and their feelings are validated. I want them to feel free to experience all emotions fully, because God gave them to us for a reason (according to my Mom. Love her!).

I’m not a mother by the way.  I’m an…
Aunt, family, empowerment
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I’m so blessed that my siblings and friends allow and encourage my relationship with their children. I know this is not true for everyone which is why…
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My prayer is that speaking life and empowerment to the young people in my life will take root in their hearts, minds and spirits. So, when they are toe-to-toe with the world, they will not be consumed. They will be confident in who they are! And, if the world knocks them down (because it happens from time to time), they’ll know those who love them are in their corner, ready and more than happy to help them get back up!

So tell me, have you encouraged a child or young adult lately? I believe someone needs to hear from you now.

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