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The Power of No

It was a sure thing.
No doubt a guarantee.  
It was in the bag.  
I was 100% ready and prepared

Then, it came. “No.”

The answer was “no.” Rejected. Denied. How could this happen?

It happened.

It happens.

It will happen again.

What gives a negative response or situation its power is your reaction.  Before you break down or act rashly, consider:

Did you really want it?
Seriously, ask yourself was the [fill in the blank] worth the level of importance you attributed to it.

Here’s another perspective. Were you prepared to receive [fill in the blank]? 
Is there (was there) room in your life to accommodate [fill in the blank]?

Lastly, keep in mind a “no” can have the amazing ability to make room for a “yes.”
Recall your dreams. Check your journals. Sit in quiet contemplation. Have you been distracted from pursuing a passion, building a business, traveling the world, or [fill in the blank]?  If you answered “yes,” then NOW is your time!

Be grateful for the “no” you thought was a “yes.” It just ma…

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