Thursday, January 15, 2015

Scripture Confessions

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Words are powerful! A message repeated over and over in the Bible. Not a Bible reader... yet? No worries. We're all works-in-progress. You can simply read the 1st chapter of the 1st book in the Bible for proof. The spoken Word created all that is! And in this same chapter, you'll also learn you were created in God's image. The One who spoke creation into existence!

Do you see where I'm going here? YOU my friend have this same power! Take a moment. Think. What are saying about yourself? Your children? Your spouse? Your health? Your wealth? If you say it, then it's so.

My prayer is for you to increase in godly wisdom and knowledge. That you will learn what God says about you in His Word and begin to speak it into and over your life, your issues and those you love! Amen!

Now get ready to see God's promises for YOU!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What My Faith Has Taught Me

I’ve decided to take part in a monthly series called Writeous Reflections which is hosted by Yulunda of Y I’m Writeous and Bijee of The Reflections of a Good Woman. Each month we’ll reflect on a different prompt provided by these dynamic women and gifted bloggers!

Dear Trinka:

I thought I’d reach back and share a few things with you. First of all, you’re adorable! That smile and those chubby cheeks—you are a doll! In later years, I really needed your fun-loving spirit to remind me of the beauty of life. Alas, I could not connect with you. I’m sure the moments of darkness and turmoil forced you into a hiding place. I don’t blame you at all! 

Trinka, I do want to thank you though. Thank you for holding on—for being strong when you didn’t know what strength was. You were always reaching out to others to help, help, help. Always trying to understand which lead to your career in counseling, I’m sure.  However, truth be told, you were seeking to understand yourself by looking at others. I know that now. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work! But it does get better! 

Getting back to the reason why I’m writing to you today. Your little heart is going to bubble with joy when I tell you what faith has taught me. It’s a wonderful word! Hold on! You don’t have to run to a dictionary. I remember your insatiable curiosity for words and reading. At Sylvester Elementary, you probably visited the huge dictionary in the library every day. The one with its own special stand? Anyway, faith, according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is defined as strong belief in the existence of God. The Bible says faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. It’s in Hebrews 11.

Faith, oh Trinka… It’s going to save you! Faith makes you free. Free from worry and most importantly for you, free from self-reliance. You will not be able to do it all on your own. Please please keep that in mind. Faith has taught me our power, identity, joy, peace and strength are found in God. Oh, I want to warn you about a particular part of your journey where you will lose your confidence. It will be damaged for years, but when you get the opportunity to learn about and increase your faith, Trinka grab onto it for life! Faith is going to restore you--mind, body, and soul. Your confidence will be connected to God, and He’s going to use so many ways—girl, I mean a hundred umpteen million ways—to show you His love for you. It’s so good!! 

Faith delivers you from past hurt, and your little world will finally make sense, Trinka.  It’s why I’m finally able to connect to you and tell you everything you’ve faced and will encounter is so worth it! It’s faith-building material and with it, you’re going to have an awesome life with God!!

Love you! Smooches!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Goodreads Book Review: I call it a Bible companion!

Read the Word, Speak the WordRead the Word, Speak the Word by Zari Banks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read the Word! Speak the Word! Read the Word! Speak the Word! Studying this devotional will change your life! Zari Banks is one of my favorite authors! Again, she shares a God-breathed collection of scriptures and personal wisdom to usher you into a a new level of intimacy and knowledge of God's word! She loves God! She shares how God works in her life, and it's evident that she has a heart for her readers! She even offers a prayer for her readers to receive greater!!

If you haven't read the Bible or feeling a little intimidated by it, this book is a good companion to teach you and lead you into studying God's word! LOVE it!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Spiritual Journeys: The Beauty of Trials

Spiritual Journeys seeks to illuminate the way for those who are searching for a deeper connection and for those who have lost their way. Spiritual Journeys and every post on Feasting on the Divine welcomes conversation. Use the comment section to share your thoughts and feedback. Need a little more privacy? Email me.

created by photovisi ~ photo courtesy of G. E. Johnson

You're going to be truly blessed by Author G. E. Johnson's interview! She reminds us that trials will come and sometimes in multiples. She offers testimony and godly wisdom to inspire us to stay on our spiritual path. 

~sharing our stories to give others a voice~
Tell us a little about who you are: I am the author of bible commentary “Discovering The Shepherd: A Study of Psalm 23” and I am the Founder of Book Promotions International, a company focused on assisting authors with marketing their work.

What and when was your first glimpse of a spiritual awakening? I have been exposed to God and church since I was born, but I believe my first personal glimpse was around 6 years old when I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. I was sitting in church next to my mother and when my Pastor asked for anyone who wanted to accept Christ to come to the altar, I got up and walked up by myself. Even though my father was a minister, I was free to accept Christ on my own.

What is the importance of your spiritual life? My spiritual life is my entire life. I believe that everything I do, whether in business, family, education, etc., inevitably serves a God-given purpose. We are given gifts to use in our day-to-day living that should bring glory to God when we use them according to His purposes.

What was the most difficult part of your journey? What was the most inspiring? I believe I am on the most difficult part of my journey so far in my life. I have been hit with every test imaginable since the early part of the year including my mother having to have major surgery, having to uproot my daughter without another steady home to go to, loss of old friendships while simultaneously being judged and falsely persecuted by strangers. Despite how it sounds, this has been the year that I have been most inspired. From the loss, the pain, and the persecution has emerged a purity of purpose and intent tried by the gospel fire of Jesus Christ himself.

As much as you are comfortable, share some things that have strengthen your faith.  Trials have strengthened my faith. The Word of God has strengthened my faith. Believing for the promises of God to manifest in my life has strengthened my faith.

If you could give one piece of advice to others on their spiritual journey, what would that be? Believe God. Believe that His Word is truth and that you can stand on it no matter what. Hold fast to what God has spoken to you even when no one else can hear it or has heard it. The winds will blow, the rain will fall. STAND if you can. If not, lie down but do not leave your path. When a spot of calm comes again, get up and move forward again. Crawl if you have to, but do not give up. God is always with you. He never leaves you and He will fight for you and with you. 

Thank you, Ms. Johnson!

To connect with Ms. Johnson, please visit her on Facebook and Twitter.