Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Must Read!!

I'm not necessarily a book blogger, but I just finished a book that so touched me. Friends, I had to share it with you.  If you or anyone in your life is affected by Alzheimer's, I suggest this book. It tells the story from the perspective of the person with dementia. It also speaks to one of the questions asked above in the description: How is our concept of happiness shaped by internal and external factors?

Here's the review I posted on

Still AliceStill Alice by Lisa Genova
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I chose to read this book because my Grandmother is experiencing dementia. I must say that Lisa Genova so very tenderly and accurately captured the truth of someone with Alzheimer's, the emotional turmoil of the caregiver, and the family's struggle to find understanding.

I admit that I cried and had to put the book down and walk away, but I ran back to it quickly. :-)  Even if you haven't dealt with this disease personally, it's still a great book! Through Alice and her husband, John, she also explores how we define who we are and how it affects our perspective of the world. The question in my head in the end?--What really matters?

The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars is because it was so good I wanted more! :-) I would love a sequel Ms. Genova--maybe "Holding on to John"??

If you've read it, please tell me your thoughts about the book. Thanks!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

His Name is My Name Too

Thursday night, I watched a portion of Part I of Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong. I’ll admit I watched as a curious observer. As I listened to him, a thought popped in my head, and I shared the following on my Facebook page:

Let’s see how the world treats #LanceArmstrong. Is his cheating & lying different from Tiger's cheating & lying?

I mentioned Tiger only because he’s also the standard of excellence in his sport.  Yes, they happen to be different races, but their status in sports, media, and the world was my focus. Tonight, I watched the remainder of Part I as more of a licensed counselor. I threw out words like narcissist, arrogant, in denial, personality disorder. I wondered about his childhood and the behaviors he’d witnessed growing up. What messages did he receive from the people he trusted, the people he loved, and the people who said they loved him? Unfortunately, we all know they can be three different groups of people. 

I’m still in the process of watching Part II but now as someone different. Facebook status update:

Let’s see how the world treats #LanceArmstrong. Is his cheating & lying different from Tiger's cheating & lying or from when I’ve done wrong in my past?

Kind of different, right? Lance Armstrong is a hurting man who seems so disconnected from his true self and not just due to his present circumstances. He's probably been deeply wounded for years--soul wounds.  Then fast forward to today. He’s been stripped of everything that he used to define himself. He’s lost all sources of income. He does not have a relationship with his biological father which I read he hasn’t had since he was 2 years old. Do any of these statements fit you or anyone you know?  I know someone for each of them. Friends, I watched Part II as someone who’s also flawed. 

The knowledge of Lance’s and Tiger’s behavior is more well-known. The impact of their choices may seem much greater. Yet, disconnection from self, loss, and lack of a significant relationship bring us all to the same place—to our knees covered by God’s grace and mercy. 

To use Oprah’s phrase, what I know to be true is that God’s forgiveness is available to all of us. I also know that there is a blessing in the journey. Also, I believe that God brings us to moments in our lives that force us—I mean FORCE us—to face our current state, take inventory and make a decision on how to move forward. 

Lance Armstrong said so far he’s learned a lesson that he thought he’d never learn; he’s “getting comfortable with not knowing…”  That was true for me as well two years ago, but now I know it’s called increasing your faith! :-)

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.  Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.  And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
~Jeremiah 29:11-13~

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wonder Woman, She-Ra & Me!

Today's question: How would you start saving the world if you woke up tomorrow with superhuman powers?

Reading the question brought so many childhood memories to mind. Do you remember when we were naive enough to believe that superpowers would work? Our parents secretly orchestrating our disappearing acts. They fed our innocence by keeping our capes fresh and clean. Never being able to find us when we were invisible. little side note--that's why I love that commercial with the little boy dressed as Darth Vader and he uses his "powers" to start the car. His Dad is actually in the window with the remote starter. Adorable.  Oh question friends: did anyone else's force field malfunction when siblings were beating you up or while getting a spanking? Show of hands please? 

Growing up, I never thought the world would ever need to be saved. Superheroes (Moms, Dads, families, police, politicians, the President, judges, teachers, etc) would always look out for the best interest of all people and keep us all safe. People would always naturally want the best for you, because no one believed (back then) that your having the best threatened their ability to have it as well.

So how would I start saving the world if I woke up with superpowers tomorrow?  My x-ray vision would be able to see any person who was being abused. Then, with my telepathic powers, I would make all perpetrators go to the police and turn themselves in. I would sprinkle my gold glittery magic dust and all survivors of abuse would have a happy, positive, clean, loving and nurturing environment.

I would fly high above the Earth and zoom around the galaxy. Then, I would hover over our planet and shout down to it: “No one on Earth should have two houses until everybody has ONE!” Homelessness eradicated!  By merely speaking “open sesame,” everyone in the world would have enough food to eat!

And that would be day one! :-) Oooooh and one more thing before midnight, I’d fly over to Washington, DC with arms outstretched. Then….wait for it…I'd clap my hands together and boom! NO MORE INFAMOUS “AISLE”!! *insert evil laugh* Republicans and Democrats will have to sit…TOGETHER!!  Take that! Now you're purple! *evil laugh again* Get it red and blue mixed together? Ok ok corny, I know. LOL

good night...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not in the Mood? Now What?

Today's question: How do you find the energy to write when you're not in the mood?

The short answer? I don’t write. I’ve been recovering from the flu bug and some other crappy bug for the last couple of weeks. That’s why I’ve been MIA from NaBloPoMo. Sorry… You all know how the flu makes you feel.  Then, afterwards, you’re doing everything you can to increase your energy level. I tried to write during that time, because I wanted to keep my word to you and challenge myself to write every day. Believe me, it was awful! I figured you all would forgive me. Right?

Now, the longer answer to today’s question. I usually don’t force myself to write. Last week was a rare occasion (maybe the only occasion. Was it the high fever? Hmm..anyway).  Words are so powerful and delicate at the same time. Also, when you have an appreciation and care for your audience, you make quality your priority. I’m very grateful for independent publishing for that reason. As I make my introduction to the literary scene, I want to make sure that I offer you quality as well as a raw glimpse of my writing style. My desire with After the Sixth Day was to present to you my story—uncut. Then, I can sit back and wait to hear from you on how you received the book via your comments, emails, reviews, etc.  Hearing from you energizes me and motivates me!

As a poet, I never know when the mood to write will hit me. Pen, paper and/or computer are always close by. I even keep a mini-notebook in my purse or use my phone when I’m out and about.  When you get a chance, there’s a poem in my book called Jesus Was at the Gas Station. LOL I was actually pumping gas when those words came flooding in my head. I stopped pumping and tried to jot everything down in the notebook. It was too much. Since I had just left home, I rushed back there to write the words down. I couldn't wait to see where they would lead. You’ll have to get the book to find out the lesson in that one! ;-) I laughed and cried…

If you’re a writer who DOES find the energy to write when you’re not in the mood, I’d love to hear how and why.  Or anyone who just wants to share how you find the energy to do the things that are important to you when you’re not in the mood, please do! Thanks!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Music: Energy for the Soul

NaBloPoMo I'm back! I apologize for missing a few days, my friends, but I'm a bit under the weather.  :-( However, I had to post today's question. It's such a fun one! 

What's your favorite song that gives you energy?

I'll post my favorite below, but I want to know your "go-to" song as well. Just think all I have is soup, meds, hot tea and my laptop. An energizing soundtrack is just what I need! Help! LOL

Okay one more... 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Big Announcement

Day 3 of 2013! How are you doing so far? :-) I'm doing great--for two reasons actually. First, I'm in Georgia visiting my family and friends! Yay!  Secondly, I get to share some wonderful news with you! 

After the Sixth Day: Notes from a Spiritual Journey is now available as an ebook!  

Now all of you who love your e-readers can download a copy to curl up with and enjoy. :-) It's exciting to be able to give you this option. Happy Reading! 

Distribution in progress to Sony.

Oh by the way, samples of the book are provided on the SmashWords link, but you can visit Amazon, Goodreads, and YouTube as well. Thanks and let me know what you think please! :-)

*Much appreciation for Rachelle Ayala Publishing for turning my ebook into a reality. I highly recommend their services.

One Day at a Time

Today's question: Which daily tasks take up most of your energy?

Hmmmm… Thirty minutes have passed, and I’m trying to think of an answer. A year ago an answer to this question would have been shared with no hesitation. It would have included: stress, worry, talking myself out of the bed each day, etc.  I’ve been exhausted too many times to not notice the warning signs of energy drain. Thankfully, I have made a conscious effort to keep my energy in balance. 

Therefore, the daily tasks that are of the utmost importance are prayer, meditation, and working towards fulfilling my purpose.  From these tasks, everything else in my life flows. I’ve learned that it’s not beneficial to me to rush out of bed, hurry to start my day and skip talking to God or end the day and not let Him know how thankful I am.  

Do I get it right every day? No, I don’t. Am I always feeling balanced? Of course not. The point is that I have made these “tasks” a daily commitment, because I want to have more good days than bad ones. I’m also hoping to make Erma Bombeck’s quote my reality:

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Look to You

NaBloPoMo Day 1! During this month long event, bloggers are provided a writing prompt each day. It may be a statement or a question to inspire creative flow. I’m going to share each day’s prompt in case you want to journal/write along with me. 

Today’s prompt: From where do you draw your energy?

My major source is God. His love, His light, and His everlasting love energize me. When I see the faces and hear the laughter of my family, I feel something that I can’t explain. They ground me and remind me who I am.

Speaking of family-that is why I’m posting so late tonight. We had our annual New Year’s Day fish fry. The weather was nice. Children were running around the yard playing. Men were gathered in circles telling tall tales—oops I mean sharing stories. Where were the women? Everywhere, of course. In the kitchen, cleaning, checking the pots and pans, assuring that the tea and lemonade kept flowing, sitting around the dining room and kitchen tables chatting and laughing. Some of us were outside catching up with old friends, sharing funny stories and striking a pose for the many camera phones. (Does anyone have an actual camera anymore?)  The air was vibrating with positivity!  Now I feel revived to keep moving forward.

I draw energy from God every day, but family gives me that extra boost. They are my gift from God.

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