Monday, December 31, 2012

Let's get....ENERGized!

NaBloPoMo again! National Blog Posting Month--just FYI hosts this event every month. Bloggers jump in whenever they want to commit and accept the challenge of daily postings. You know honestly some of us just love to write! I couldn't resist this month, because it's one of my favorite topics. Here's a synopsis about the theme:


"It's the first month of a new year, and it's time to get energized. This month, we'd like you to think of ways that you're going to gather energy to use throughout the year as well as stave off any energy drains by realizing what is taking away from your productivity. Of course, we'll also be doing a lot of daydreaming about superhuman powers -- for instance, the ability to never sleep... would you take it if it also meant the chance removed to ever dream? -- and how well we'd do with an extended power outage." ~~Melissa Ford

What an excellent way to help establish focus for the new year ahead. Also, in January, we will continue to be graced by dynamic women on Yeah, I Think I'm Happy.  You don't want to miss our guests on Spotlight Thursdays or the chance to be ENERGized; so be sure to subscribe (options available on the right side of the screen).  Last, but definitely not least, keep an eye out for The Big Announcement coming soon. *wink*

One more thing. I extend to you an "open invitation."  To borrow from Melissa, "[I'd] like you to think of ways that you're going to gather energy to use throughout the year as well as stave off any energy drains by realizing what is taking away from your productivity."  

Then, please share by writing to me at I will feature them on my blog in January. Looking forward to getting your emails! :-)


Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012, Thank You!

It's almost a wrap--the end of 2012. Well according to the Mayans,  December 21st was sure to be our end. :-) But no one knows the day or the hour!  Thank God we're still here! 

Usually endings signal a desire to reflect back on what has been, lessons learned, resolutions, goals, etc. However, endings create opportunities for beginnings. I'm a firm believer not in holding on to the past but learning from it. So if we're blessed to see 2012 close and witness the start of 2013, we should face it wiser, smarter and with a renewed spirit!

I would love for you to share some of your reflections here. You all already know how I feel about sharing :-); your story gives another strength and permission to open up as well. Let's see. I guess I'll start by telling you what WHAT 2012 TAUGHT ME:

  • Strength is readily available. When I had moments of weakness, God's strength carried me. His strength can come through His Word, preachers, teachers, songs, family, friends or just by embracing a beautiful day.
  • I really do like to cook! It's calming. I love that it's another outlet for creative expression. Every now and then, my dishes are even a big hit with my family and friends! Right? lol
  • God's will WILL be done! Bottom line!
  • Don't let fear stop you! God did not give us a spirit of fear. Therefore, when you feel scared, keep moving forward in the knowledge that the fear is not your truth.
  • Fortune cookies sometimes carry helpful words. :-) "Never hang on too long. Never let go too soon."
  • You cannot rush the process. Everything happens in God's timing.
  • Love can be peaceful, joyful and so consuming that it overwhelms you. If this was the only thing 2012 taught me, I'd still be abundantly grateful for this year!
What has 2012 taught you, friends?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spotlight on Wendy Wilson!

Meet today's guest blogger--Wendy Wilson! She is the CEO & Founder of W2 Communications--an agency offering public relations support, as well as professional development and training services. However, when I asked Wendy what she wanted me to share about her, she said she's a mother of two, an avid reader, and a book collector. Plus, ladies, her other hobby is collecting and wearing fabulous shoes!! She's speaking our language right? :-) Now on to her post...

Life is full of lessons! With each day that passes I grow thankful for what I do know, while simultaneously considering just how much I have to learn!  One of the things that I can definitely say that I’ve learned is that Happiness is not a destination…it’s a journey.

Over my 46 years I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone say, “I’ll be happy when I (retire, see my kids off to college, buy my dream house or find the perfect job)  ____________! But as we plan our happiness and define how it should be packaged we forgo or overlook the happiness that surfaces out of nowhere as we journey through our daily walk.

We do ourselves a disservice when we limit our perspective as to what happiness is.  It’s more than landing the perfect job or buying our first home. It’s greater than seeing our children walk across the stage to receive their college degree.  How much greater do you ask? It’s as great as having your child say “I love you” and wanting nothing more but an “I love you too” in return.

It’s as great as attending your church, mosque or synagogue and feeling as if the message was meant for only you.   It’s as great as reading a passage from a book and feeling as if your world has been changed for the better. It’s pulling into your driveway after a long day and knowing that you’re moments away from entering your own personal sanctuary.  It’s the scent of a freshly bathed newborn. It’s the phone call from a dear friend that wants nothing more than to hear your voice.  These snippets of happiness occur far more frequently than our dream vacation or the retirement that is yet another 10 years away.

While we wait for happiness that we’ve defined we deny the happiness that manifests in our lives unexpectedly and without planning. So here is my unsolicited advice to all that are determined to one day find true happiness. Eagerly anticipate your next moment in life and wait for the happiness of hearing a child laugh or smile. Wait for the embrace that you’ll receive during your next visit with your grandmother. Better yet, surprise your dearest friend with a phone call.  Let’s stop waiting for happiness to happen and decide today to embrace the happiness that is within our very reach. And remember to forgo the destination; you’ll enjoy the journey of happiness far more!


Connect with Wendy at W2 Communications

So blog friends, what are your thoughts on this idea of happiness as a journey?

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Meet today’s guest blogger! A debonair, award-winning, eclectic, motivational, and inspirational Author, Poet, Performer who calls himself G.P.A. which means Greatest Poet Alive! Enjoy his post on happiness and then visit his links to learn more about his name, his work, and the total G.P.A. experience!

Happiness is a very simple, attainable, and fulfilling concept. A lot of time the belief is that happiness stems from things outside of us. But the contrary is true; it comes from the inside for me. I enjoy and try to enjoy life. When Scooter (the Beagle) and I walk and talk every day that makes me happy. There is a peace and calming rush that comes over me. Drinking a chocolate shake, playing video games, writing and performing poetry are other things that bring about happiness for me. Being a participant in an intelligent and stimulating dialogue provokes happiness to me.

As much as I enjoy material things, going to events, etc., I realize that those things sometimes are not readily available. It becomes up to me to develop and find things that make me feel good without sometimes leaving the house or myself. I listen to 80's music and find myself dancing to it. I pour another cup of coffee or Coke Zero. Or I pick up a book to read, and then take a walk. I say all of that to say that it's the one thing that doesn't cost. I do my best to be happy.


Now click on over to his websites to learn more:

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